Friday, 7 June 2013

       Seven victims the shooting in santa monica, california, united states, on friday ( 6 / 7 ).
      Meanwhile, suspects shooting also killed by gunfire the police. So provincial police chief santa monica, jacqueline seabrooks. Previously reported that the four got his players and arrested.
     police guesses suspects who engages in shooting it is white man wearing a waistcoat wearing bulletproof vest. Suspects armed was involved a shootout with police personnel before he was shot and killed in a library santa monica college.
      There are no police injured in the incident. Seabrooks said a second person which he described as ' a person who draws ', in such cases have been arrested. The incident occurred a few miles from the place of president barack obama is being attended the event the fundraising politics.
     Authorities also found two people were killed in location near fire a house. But, police said it was unclear whether the fire and events the shooting concerned. A spokesman for the california highway patrol had earlier said that some officers have received reports that a man who has some kinds of weapons.
      short, including gun barrel fired at a car passing and one bus in two locations near the college campus right to the west of los angeles. Some students in the library campus describes the state of being ' ve messed up.mean while, the sound of firing echoed so the university students topsy-turvy to seek shelter.


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