Thursday, 6 June 2013

      Who does not know the Vitalia Sesha. Beautiful widow got two sons, she's named up to  skyrocket since the corruption eradication Commission (KPK)   
        associated it with the suspect beef imports and the cleansing of the money Ahmad Fathanah ( Chairman of the prosperous Justice Party ) PKS .

 Ahmad Fathanah indeed often type associated with beautiful women. In addition to Vitalia Sesha, Fathanah also associated with Ayu Azhari, Kirana, the Goddess and the Empress. Related Vitalia Sesha. Various media, both local and national mutual 3 man spread her name, not because she's as a  hot model of some magazine but because she,s received money and a luxury car from Fathanah.
    Then, who is the sexy women that have the original name Andi Novitalia until her ' Shower money  '  and luxury properties by Fathanah? Vitalia Sesha is a model for adult magazines at jakarta . In addition to the profession as a model Vitalia Sesha also participated in the creation of a number of music videos. Also, Vitalia Sesha has also been cast in several soap operas. As a photo.


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