Tuesday, 17 December 2013

           The determination of the governor rangkasbitung Ratu atut choisiyah as a suspect alleged cases of corruption by the corruption eradication commission ( kpk ) not reflexing make atut lost she's position as head of the Banten provincial government.

         Interior minister gamawan fauzi said Ratu atut will be disabled as governor rangkasbitung if there were its registration number proceeding in the court of corruption ( tipikor ).after judge as the defendant,then we make inactivated, ' said gamawan when contacted from jakarta, on tuesday.

 Temporary dismissal governor entangled law case can be conducted the president through the proposal home minister if docket arraignment criminal act has been registered in court. This provision as stipulated in the government regulation no. 6 / 2005 about relection.

       attestation of appointment and dismissal of regional head and vice regional heads, as a derivative on act no 32 / 2004 the local government. Therefore, domestic affairs minister cannot eject the proposed dismissal because not got letter of (kpk) and docket of a court tipikor.

            "I have not known yet ( determination of atut ), but i've read in the media. I will searching " said gamawan. Formerly, deputy head of kpk bambang widjojanto declare kpk already set Ratu atut as suspect alleged corruption cases will announce mr.chairman ( abraham samad ) officially
             information generally indeed already described ekspose ( degree of case ) weeks ago. Of ekspose are then there are several decision, ( among other ) to be ready administration this observance ( sprindik ),
 said in jakarta, tuesday.

           Ratu Atut Choisiyah were dragged down in a swirl of allegations of kickbacks over the handling of the dispute over the elections in Lebak Regency in the Constitutional Court in which the KPK's grasp and set the suspect Chairman MK N Deputy Mochtar and sister of Ratu Atut.

         Tubagus Chaeri Wardana or Wawan. Atut also allegedly was involved in the alleged corruption of Public Medical health equipment procurement in South Tangerang city Clinics where a brother-in-law who was also the wife of Ratu Atut Wawan, Airin Rachmi Diany, served as Mayor.


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