Thursday, 20 February 2014

                  Indonesian Citizens ketut pujayasa as a defendant in the united states ( Usa ) after allegedly committed acts of rape and assault on a woman the united states. Ketut currently being held at the office of  sheriff broward region. Ketut reportedly perform the act of rape of a woman who became occupants.
      In fact, crew members that try to throw the victim to the sea. The act of rape committed by ketut occurring in a yacht ms nieuw amsterdam, belonging to the operator holland america. The ship was sailing from port the everglades of known at fort  lauderadle on february 9 2014. The incident is known to occur coinciding with the celebration of valentine ' s day. A victim temporarily only identified
with the initials clw.

      Hollande Party America Line says that this time Ketut are in control the FBI,For a while the 28-year-old man detained in Broward Office since Sunday 16 February 2014,The FBI agents admitted herself resenting her again to the victim who shout insults at him when about to deliver breakfast to she"s room of the known victims aged 31 years.

        Ketut claimed they knocked on the door three times, before being replied to by the victim with a harsh speech. According to Ketut, a 31-year-old victim was reciprocated with the utterance of the word, ' Wait a minute, the son of a b * tch, Rude greeting from victims of a sudden making Her fly off the handle.
 News about  the Act of rape committed Ketut justified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They said it would provide aid of Consular Affairs.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

            Paul Walker is rumored to still have a chance to survive after the accident. This is swept up in the emergence of the autopsy results that Walker not to get killed after lacing a hard case.
         60 seconds he survives death, finally picking up after the explosion occurred,This is the true cause of death, the outlines of the great actor is because Porsche Carrera GT is exploding, If it is not possible. however,until Paul Walker still survived. Then, what is the real cause of the deadly blast?

        Porsche Carrera GT Paul Walker are tank positions near the machine and also the positive side of being a holder of upholstery for cars that are not quickly explode.
         However, these advantages even raises the death if there is a fuel leak,Fuel leak as it happens on a Porsche Carrera GT Paul Walker is not an impossible thing,Because there is the possibility of a concussion happens makes damage to the tank,Moreover, the position of the tank there is directly behind the car seat.

        That is, it is very easy to fire ignited and burned the cabin in case of leakage.Indeed the position of the tank which is placed in this position will be very beneficial to place a car load of the shaft on the tank in the future. It is also absolutely affects lesatan the Porsche Carrera GT super car as car racing. However,on the other hand Paul Walker or anyone else could become victims.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

         Outstanding issues singer Syahrini receive cash flow from tubagus chaery wardhana ( wawan ), corruption suspect medical equipment in rangkas bitung. Then what responses of syahrini?

  "who's that wawan? I've never met,dialogue,or even met his face"
Not maybe that's ( thank the flow of funds wawan ). That's slander, vile. I don ' t know my wawan, ' syahrini in grogol area, " said west jakarta wednesday ( 12 / 2 )
.  Chanter singing a thing is "Sesuatu" declared she's not involved in a corruption case.
 However, syahrini claimed to know Sister of wawan who is also suspected cases of corruption, Ratu atut chosiyah, the governor of rangkas bitung Banten .
        Syahrini known Atut . in 2011 She repeated years in serang, banten.
I was a singer, i consoled mother Atut. But never introduce with   wawan,Why should Syahrini again, ' bright syahrini".

Further syahrini said ready to follow up the issue that which concerns She's good name it.,syahrini feel was vilified vile. If the case was prolonged, sustainable, syahrini, will take up "She,s said "

          Three performers beautiful actress jeniffer dunn, syahrini and an aura kasih considered to receive cash flow from tubagus chaeri wardana alias wawan suspected cases of money laundering and
corruption in three different case.

   Among the aura of love syahrini and jennifer dunn. To name lastly. the corruption eradication commission ( kpk ) , even been seized a car brands  toyota vellfire belonging to jennifer suspected gift from wawan.
The Aura kasih and Syahrini has denied any receive cash flow from wawan, even they claimed has not at all  know wawan.
       Meanwhile, jennifer dunn through his lawyer sunan kalijaga explained that his client is not  yet able to many remarks, but is ready to provide information to hear in poverty  alleviation commission pac if asked.  jennifer fatalistic the car was seized, he also is ready to provide information about the case to the commission,sunan in jakarta, "
 he said thursday (13/2/2014).

      Sunan also explain that relationship jennifer and wawan so far was still about work because of the position of jennifer is as employees of  production house belonging to wawan.She works in production house belonging to wawan, related to work,so to do" he said.