Tuesday, 8 April 2014

         rejection of young singer  justin bieber happen in the united states,Bieber now reported to be not accepted  when he was  to visit a bar in miami.
       This certainly make crestfallen bieber and retinue of a party which was thought full evening big party.
Unsparing bieber rejected in large Bars in the city as liv,story and adora.
      A source said tuesday ( 8 / 4 / 2014 ), that men 20 years
( justin bieber)  was adamant to order table in the bar but bar manager  say if bieber still not enough age, he was still less one years older.

     In addition, bieber was considered had been involved many problems, he is considered as cause of turmoil.In miami, bieber involved wild race, driving under the influence of alcohol, and also riding without official papers.impelled.

    The chanter "never say never" had to spend the night in a restaurant cavalli and lounge at the center of the city,Formerly america has ever do refusal massive against bieber,They even to make petition to bluntly reject bieber in the united states.They demanded bieber was deported to his own countries canada


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