Sunday, 16 November 2014

       existences in Puncak, Bogor is always a life. During the day, the tourists will presented beautiful natural scenery. Stretching nightlife in Peak makes the tourists become passionate.
The foreign tourists from the Middle East or Arab tourists used to be called the most happy
with female elegance of this peak,One commercial sex workers initials LN admitted only offer services satisfying the lust toArab tourists.

"Usually for short time 1 million IDR, 2 million IDR for one day, not infrequently if situation
Tourists are lonely they do not post prices.
LN tell, for becoming prostitutes never rented or having sex with Indonesian people just prefer the Arab tourists.

But there are also bad stories about the behavior of the Arab tourists. Other commercial sex workers initials Aj tells the story of tersebut.AJ said that Arab tourists are having a party  and she's hired for danced. In the frenetic atmosphere, tourists, many Arab men are in a drunken state.

   "in that villa my friend was forced to drink but her can'nt drink (alcohol).Then she was expelled from villa, "she said .
Among prostitutes peak, there is a special code for Arab tourists. "They were (called)
camel, AJ claimed to not know what is the origin of the camel designation. But it is certain
known all the prostitutes in Puncak.


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