Monday, 6 April 2015

Who does not know Kendal jenner Step sister of Kim kadarshian, today she's became the general public spotlight, proven when Kendal jenner wearing a bikini in Abu dhabi Uni emirat arab be the center of attention in social networks

Kendall share photos selfie she's self just by wearing a bikini when she was on holiday in Abu dhabi, very contradictory because previously Kendal jenner wear closed

Kendal jenner she's selfie upload photos in front of a mirror just by wearing a brown bikini, the hotel's room, in she's  instagram account written in the photo, "Dubyeeee2014"

While on vacation in the United Arab Emirates Arabic, the 19-year-old model and his friends visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and to respect the places they visit Kendall and her friends wear closed.

By wearing robe and veil that covers most of his face like a middle eastern woman Kendall feel happy and satisfied can visit the mosque Sheikh Zayed Mosque and feel the inner peace.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

        Intimate Photos  man who looked like the head of the  (Corruption Eradication Commission) KPK, Abraham Samad ├ánd Elvira devinamira (Indonesian princess 2014) widely circulated in cyberspace day after the Commission set a candidate for police chief.
Police Commissioner General Budi Gunawan as suspects
One day after the establishment of  the Institute of Education
          Chief Police Commissioner General Budi Gunawan, circulated a photograph similar to (Corruption Eradication Commission Indonesian ) KPK chairman Abraham Samad with a Elvira devinamira (Indonesian princess 2014), alleged graft when he was Head of Career Development Bureau Deputy SSDM Police Headquarters in 2004-2006 and other positions The Police.
    In fact, Abraham calls the spread of photos of it as an attempt to criminalize against him. "It was an attempt to criminalize me and dropped," said Abraham Previously, the Commissioner General Budi Gunawan has been named as a suspect case of alleged acceptance of gifts or promises related to suspicious transactions or unnatural by the Corruption Eradication Commission, Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.

"Establishing the suspect Commissioner General Budi Gunawan as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption acceptance of gifts or promises, at the time the suspect served as Deputy Head of Human Resources Career Development Bureau Police Headquarters 2003-2006 period and other positions in the Police Department," said Abraham Samad

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

 Singer "Sakitnya Tuh disini " , Cita citata reveal She's past bitter
 ranging from her parents divorced when she was in elementary school,
to have to help her mother, from singing to trade, to ease the burden of his mother.
He also reveals the story of her marriage to a young, at the age of 18 years,
 and the full galih Ijonk aka 25 year old only one month old.
Citata say that marriage is not based on love but on consideration
of parents who at that time was in trouble material,
while She herself was not ready to build household
Divorced from galih Citata work in karaoke, because it is Shes ability only in the field of singing.
At that time citata said Galih
leave, saying "We are divorced", from that moment began to speculate citata to jakarta

Sunday, 4 January 2015

   AirAsia stewardess QZ8501 that crashed in the waters of Bun base, Central Kalimantan,
(Last Sunday) greeting flooded sorrow and condolences of thousands of followers since the incident that drew tears of the people.

   The number of followers also jumped dramatically. Which was originally in the hundreds, has now been
thousands,All photos posted in instagramnya flooded greeting grief and prayers for goodness the flight attendant. Interestingly, Khairunizza in the days before the incident hoodoo was posting pictures of being with a man named Divo that he refers to as her lover.

   Many people are sorry to see them both together photo. Follower imagine, how  lover sad to part with the flight attendant a very sweet white she loved. "Goodbye ... your job has now ended up being the best flight attendant  may God give you the most beautiful places so beautiful, "

   "Hopefully in the receive side of GOD, all sins forgiven,"And there are many hundreds, perhaps thousands of words of grief similar to instagramnya flooding. On another occasion, Nisa could also upload photos that reads finger silhouette "Love Divo". In this Instagram account, Nisa many upload pictures of activities with
the closest people, especially the documentation traveling or sightseeing.

   Nisa is believed to be the victims of the crash AirAsia QZ8501. On Wednesday (12/31/2014), the
joint search and rescue team led by the National Search and Rescue Agency found the bodies of women who allegedly The flight stewardess.

    Strong suspicion that still sticking out of the nametag pinned on the uniform she written on it is "Khairunisa Haidar". Women were also wearing a ring on finger on the left hand and watches Alexandre Christie.