Wednesday, 14 January 2015

        Intimate Photos  man who looked like the head of the  (Corruption Eradication Commission) KPK, Abraham Samad ànd Elvira devinamira (Indonesian princess 2014) widely circulated in cyberspace day after the Commission set a candidate for police chief.
Police Commissioner General Budi Gunawan as suspects
One day after the establishment of  the Institute of Education
          Chief Police Commissioner General Budi Gunawan, circulated a photograph similar to (Corruption Eradication Commission Indonesian ) KPK chairman Abraham Samad with a Elvira devinamira (Indonesian princess 2014), alleged graft when he was Head of Career Development Bureau Deputy SSDM Police Headquarters in 2004-2006 and other positions The Police.
    In fact, Abraham calls the spread of photos of it as an attempt to criminalize against him. "It was an attempt to criminalize me and dropped," said Abraham Previously, the Commissioner General Budi Gunawan has been named as a suspect case of alleged acceptance of gifts or promises related to suspicious transactions or unnatural by the Corruption Eradication Commission, Tuesday, January 13th, 2015.

"Establishing the suspect Commissioner General Budi Gunawan as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption acceptance of gifts or promises, at the time the suspect served as Deputy Head of Human Resources Career Development Bureau Police Headquarters 2003-2006 period and other positions in the Police Department," said Abraham Samad


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