Monday, 6 April 2015

Who does not know Kendal jenner Step sister of Kim kadarshian, today she's became the general public spotlight, proven when Kendal jenner wearing a bikini in Abu dhabi Uni emirat arab be the center of attention in social networks

Kendall share photos selfie she's self just by wearing a bikini when she was on holiday in Abu dhabi, very contradictory because previously Kendal jenner wear closed

Kendal jenner she's selfie upload photos in front of a mirror just by wearing a brown bikini, the hotel's room, in she's  instagram account written in the photo, "Dubyeeee2014"

While on vacation in the United Arab Emirates Arabic, the 19-year-old model and his friends visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and to respect the places they visit Kendall and her friends wear closed.

By wearing robe and veil that covers most of his face like a middle eastern woman Kendall feel happy and satisfied can visit the mosque Sheikh Zayed Mosque and feel the inner peace.