Monday, 24 October 2016

           Knowing her son was raped, GS parents reported this to the Unit PPA East Jakarta Metro Police on Thursday (10/20/2016). The seven alleged perpetrator is SF (12), FR (7), EG (5), BK (5), IK (6), RD (7), and HR (10). "Because this case involves minors so we check the parents to ask for certainty the age of the children. We asked for papers to prove the age of the children," said Metro Police Chief East Jakarta Commissioner General Budijono in Maplda Jakarta, Monday (24 / 10/2016). Agung said that it has coordinated with relevant agencies in investigating this case.
              Therefore, both the victim and the alleged perpetrator, everything was still underage so the investigation was different with the case of adults. "Now from the KPAI, Bapas (correctional centers) and related institutions of our children are already reserved, now again a meeting at the police station," he said. Regarding the rape motive, the Supreme yet able to ascertain.

        Because, according to the Court, the examination of minors can not necessarily directly to the point. "Yes, we'll examine it, because what if we ask the psychic direct would be disturbed," said Agung. The case began when GS complained of pain in her body to her parents. Having been asked, GS claimed to be raped by seven friends in an abandoned house in Jatinegara, East Jakarta, October 2, 2016. Knowing her son was raped, GS parents reported this to the Unit PPA East Jakarta Metro Police on Thursday (10/20/2016). The seven alleged perpetrator is SF (12), FR (7), EG (5), BK (5), IK (6), RD (7), and HR (10).

Sunday, 23 October 2016

PACITAN, after 12 years of cheating, Suharni and Tumiran finally have a child. However, babies born to the couple's affair on Friday (5/8) in fact they were killed in cold blood.

 Police Public Relations Pacitan Aiptu Thomas Alim Suheni stated, the main motive of the perpetrator to kill the baby because of shame to the neighbors.
"The baby was the result of their affair during the last 12 years. Both actors neighbors. However, each has left husbands and wives who work outside the region, "said Thomas.
how neighbors makes them easy to distribute their loneliness desires.
each other very far when a couple other areas, they are busy channeling their sexual desire freely

Before being discharged, said Thomas, the baby was killed by smothering cloth. Therefore, the perpetrators concerned neighbor heard the baby's crying.

"Then, Suharni Tumiran called and asked to bury the bodies of the baby illegitimate  at the local cemetery," added Thomas.

The case was uncovered shortly after the finding of the baby around the cemetery area Grigak Dusun, Desa Kemuning, District Tegalombo, Pacitan Friday.

Having traced from witnesses, it is known that the perpetrator is Suharni and Tumiran. To remove any trace of the perpetrators deliberately buried the baby's illegitimate body at midnight.
However, the baby illegitimate finally found people who are looking for turmeric is not far from the cemetery. At that time, people smell a rat.

"From there, the witness reported the incident to the head of the neighborhood and the local village. They dismantle the tomb infants no tombstone it, "said Thomas.