Friday, 27 May 2011

Julia perez is preparing to become a boxing ambassador for Pertina (national boxing association), as well as replacing Tamara blezensky in the position as Indonesia's national boxing manager.
After 3 months ahead Tamara blezensky will end his tenure, and Julia perez will replace Tamara blezensky who already have children, Tamara automatic schedule is tight.
"julia perez

while in promoted into boxing team manager trophy president" said Ginting, executive chairman of the President Cup, while at the meet in the Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta, on Friday.
Jupe flat attitude and impressed not nervous when receiving the offer, and the target of three gold for the under their fosterage boxing team in the Champions trophy president.
"Our target of three gold medal. This is not a burden, I am very excited. We've been providing material and moral support," said Jupe.
"Blessing for me and it's really a positive thing,
really great boxing in Indonesia, let alone the world
we have talent Chris John. And we'll see what kind of
future, for sure I'm thrilled,"


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