Saturday, 15 February 2014

         Outstanding issues singer Syahrini receive cash flow from tubagus chaery wardhana ( wawan ), corruption suspect medical equipment in rangkas bitung. Then what responses of syahrini?

  "who's that wawan? I've never met,dialogue,or even met his face"
Not maybe that's ( thank the flow of funds wawan ). That's slander, vile. I don ' t know my wawan, ' syahrini in grogol area, " said west jakarta wednesday ( 12 / 2 )
.  Chanter singing a thing is "Sesuatu" declared she's not involved in a corruption case.
 However, syahrini claimed to know Sister of wawan who is also suspected cases of corruption, Ratu atut chosiyah, the governor of rangkas bitung Banten .
        Syahrini known Atut . in 2011 She repeated years in serang, banten.
I was a singer, i consoled mother Atut. But never introduce with   wawan,Why should Syahrini again, ' bright syahrini".

Further syahrini said ready to follow up the issue that which concerns She's good name it.,syahrini feel was vilified vile. If the case was prolonged, sustainable, syahrini, will take up "She,s said "


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